What Makes First Physicians Different From Other Management Groups?

We believe our business and focus on the rural healthcare market caters to a need that is currently not being met or underserved by the majority of the healthcare industry. Our management, financial, and other services offer a wide range of benefits to rural and community hospitals including:

  • Improved reimbursement dynamics
  • Reduced or eliminated bad debt exposure
  • Retention of employees in a vehicle that supports fair compensation and benefits
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Outsourcing of management services to industry professionals with “best practices” expertise
  • Preservation of quality healthcare services for the local community
  • Accurate and efficient reporting solutions

Our ultimate goal is to sustainably preserve quality healthcare services for the communities that depend on these hospitals. Rural caregivers know the culture, the community, the challenges unique to delivering health care to rural America. Chief among them are too few providers and fragmented delivery systems. We align our business expertise with theirs to cost-effectively deliver a broad range of quality services to more patients. This approach helps us deliver "best-in-class practices" to rural hospitals and the communities they serve. We provide the investment, infrastructure, innovation, and strong physician-focused relationships that support caregivers in the achievement of their mission: to provide access to diverse quality health care services in their communities.

First Physicians Proven Approach
Targeted Longitudinal Strategies For Sustainable Patient Volumes

Our approach is based on expanding clinical service lines and hospital capabilities. We are committed to helping our clients deal with the dynamic, increasingly complex challenges facing rural community hospitals so that our clients may focus on providing high quality care. Our Comprehensive Swing Bed Program increases the patient volumes by expanding the scope of services. This translates to providing care for patients with complex, multisystem involvement requiring a wide array of diagnostic and treatment options.

Strategic Vision

FPCG is the rural community partner of choice recognized nationally for investing in and revitalizing rural hospitals and their communities.

Strategic Mission

To improve healthcare in rural communities.

   Pillars of Excellence:

  •  Best People
  •  Best Service
  •  Best Quality
  •  Financial Stability
  •  Growth
  •  Community

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