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The twenty percent of the American population living in rural areas are more likely to experience poor overall health, with fewer physicians taking care of them, when compared to their urban counterparts. First Physicians Capital Group is helping to change that. We provide financial, technology, management, and capital solutions to hospitals in rural markets. Our services benefit residents and their physicians, and help to sustain and preserve the quality of healthcare services in these communities. The community hospital is the hub of healthcare services - we operate only in rural communities; we do not route patients away from the community.

    Services Offered:

  •  Management
  •  Staffing
  •  Medical Staff
    •  Hospitalist
    •  Emergency Dept.
    •  Primary Care
  •  Lab
  •  Imaging
  •  Pharmacy
  •  Human Resources
  •  Health Information
  •  Cost Reporting
  •  Financial Planning
  •  Accounting
  •  Information Technology
  •  Revenue Cycle
  •  Supply Chain
  •  Facility Engineering
  •  Compliance
  •  Infection Control
  •  Marketing
  •  Case Management
  •  Quality
  •  Continuing Education

First Physicians Proven Approach

First Physicians Capital Group provides "best practices" management, financial, ancillary healthcare and IT services, and innovative capital solutions in order to improve the quality of health care services in rural communities. We're experts in health care because our people bring decades of experience, insights, and leadership to everything we do. Our team is built for and by people who share our values and who aspire to make a difference in the lives and communities that surround us. First Physicians proven approach provides capital for stabilization and growth. We invest in people, infrastructure, and the community.

    Providing Proven Longitudinal Strategies Targeting:
  • Medically Complex
  • Wound Care
  • Traditional Rehab
  • Pulmonary/Ventilator
  • Weaning
  • Surgery (Orthopedic, General, Pain Management, Opthomology, Endoscopy)
  • Nephrology/Dialysis
  • Cardiology
  • Infectious Disease

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